Sound Therapy

Music can liberate


Sound Therapy is a powerful medium that can profoundly influence our mood, brain function and health. Positive music can uplift, inspire, motivate, heal and flood us with feelings of well-being. Music can liberate emotions that we have buried and may be contributing to ill-health.

Science is progressively discovering how this music phenomenon works. Researchers are finding that the brain’s electrical signals are strengthened or weakened in accordance with our mood and thus by altering our brain’s electrical waves through sound therapy, we can also influence our state of mind and health.

Think of Spiritual healing and Sound Therapy

Sound, music and Meditation have been used since the beginning of time in cultures all over the world to help bring us into a state of Spiritual healing, harmony and awakening.  We live in such a fast paced world that we rarely take time for ourselves. This type of a lifestyle can build up and store stress and anxiety in the body which over time can lead to illness.

Relaxation and meditation rids the body of accumulated stress (both mental and physical) while strengthening the entire mind-body system to work more efficiently. Taking up regular forms of relaxation and meditation can promote not only improved health but also greater clarity, energy, mental awareness, confidence and creativity and fulfillment in life.
Most people think of Spiritual healing as a process whereby we simply clear out negative emotions, deep emotional issues and negative belief systems – so we can more clearly resonate love and light.

Some also look at it from a mental perspective in that we have to get clarity in our
mind so that it doesn’t keep leading us into stressful roller coasters fraught with anxiety, and dead end traps, which also create stress and anxiety. Sound can help with both of these emotional and mental issues.
Meanwhile, sound can also be used to entrain us into harmony and a direct connection to Spirit, our Soul, and Source.


Sound and music and can be used to release stuck emotions.

Many in the field of healing believe that stuck emotions account for as much as 50% of the issues and diseases we manifest (the
environment being another large part). We already know how powerful music can be to transform our emotions. Sound and music
and can be used to release these stuck emotions and deep emotional issues. In the classes we share nine simple techniques on
how to release emotions — many that you can do in the car, when in the thick of an emotion, or… in a professional sound therapy

If you look at emotions as sound and vibration (as everything is) many emotions are really annoying sounds. For example, the
sound of “fear” is very much akin to a scream. It is a sound that does not support health. It is not good for the healthy
functioning of your heart, your nervous system, your immune system or any of the cells in your body. Imagine being a kidney and
having someone right next to you screaming in fear for a couple of hours… or for days (or God forbid… for months or years). If I
were a kidney I would give it up. And, kidneys do…when accosted by the sound of fear over long periods of time.
Most of the lower emotions are associated with sounds that are really irritating, such as: pessimism, frustration, irritation,
impatience, overwhelment, disappointment, doubt, worry, blame, discouragement, anger, revenge, hatred, rage, jealousy,
insecurity, guilt, unworthiness, fear, grief, depression, despair, and powerlessness. These are distorted or inconsistent sounds,
and they break down your physical body.
On the other hand, the sounds associated with higher emotions support your health, such as: contentment, hopefulness,
optimism, positive expectation, belief, enthusiasm, eagerness, happiness, passion, joy, appreciation, empowered, freedom, and
love. They actually nurture the beating of your heart and your nervous system. The sounds associated with these emotions are
consistent and quite pure tones. Vowel sounds resonate these types of energies the best. Vowels create consistent and pure
So the trick is to simply be present enough to notice when you are resonating the irritating sound and music of lower emotions,
and simply change the station to the consistent and beautiful sounds and music by resonating higher emotions.

Transform Subconscious Negative Beliefs

Ions in water 1

One of the most powerful sound techniques is to use sound to transform subconscious negative beliefs. These are beliefs that
generally stop us from manifesting what we want in the world. Beliefs are simply really powerful frequencies in our subconscious
that are hidden from our view. They might be things like, “I’m not good enough,” or “I am not worthy of being financially
abundant,” or “I can’t get healthy now that I have this sickness.” Based on the law of resonance, they simply resonate and
attract into our world whatever the frequency of the belief is.
The tricky part is that these beliefs are often hidden from our view. However, even when we discover them, it can still be hard to
change their frequency. Often these beliefs have been reinforced by experience over many years – or many lifetimes.